About Afar25


My name is Andres Alfonso aka Afar25 and I'm an artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. It all started as a little kid, I was fortunate enough to have parents that supported my dreams. At the age of 6, I was very clear as to what I wanted to be as an adult, that was to be an artist. As a teenager skateboarding came into my life and it focused my attention to graphic design. I've been working as a Graphic and Web Designer for over a decade and I'm currently the UI Digital Design Manager at Educational Insights. 

I like to create in whichever which way I can. I draw, paint, sculpt, mold, cut, sew, carve, and more. Constantly experimenting and pushing myself to try and learn new things. I like to humanize animals and present them with style and flare, and more times than not in a street lifestyle setting. Skulls, diamonds, floating heads, animal hats, birds, etc. are guides into the spiritual world and often lead my characters on a righteous path.

Every product in the shop goes through the same process:
  1. Sketch ideas for concepts
  2. Draw and ink by hand
  3. Colors and adjustments in Adobe Illustrator
  4. Work closely with vendor to assure quality of product
  5. Test product myself
  6. Publish product on site
  7. Send you product with extras and personal note
Thank you for your support!

- Andres